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Pastor Cynthia D. Gee-West, Prophetic Apostle is a transplant of Bridgeport, Connecticut, born in Boykins, Virginia, inspired and influenced by many great leaders and individuals - directed by the Holy Spirit.   
As an elementary teacher, she was requested to conduct a beginner’s bible study, with the purpose of learning the behavior of the Lord.  Through divine direction, the vision of a church began to emerge. After council and permission, this study evolved into an established church in full witness of His presence and promoting the kingdom of God. 
She is the senior leader and founder of Walls of Salvation Christian Ministries d/b/a Triumphant Christian Church, a developing multi-cultural, non-denominational church. The church has a range of ministries and related entities. 
The founder/CEO of Healing Tree Economic Development, which is committed to providing quality services that target areas of feeding, educating and housing for those members of the communities who are in need.  Under her leadership, Healing Tree has grown into an organization that has crossed international waters; its presence can be found in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean (Russia, Germany, Philippines, El Salvador and Haiti), as well as during many of the nation’s most challenging times, such as 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina. 
The Healing Tree’s, King's Pantry Program, serves over 100,000 meals annually, through its combine programs which include an “onsite feeding program” and four “emergency food pantries.” The King’s Pantry also services the local communities with:

Harvest Fest, partnering with the Bridgeport School System, which occurs on October 31, providing a safe place for youth and their families to come and have dinner with games, fun and bags of candy.    


On occasion, a Holiday breakfast, partnering with area businesses.  

Pastor West is a strategic visionary, an executive leader with a unique ability to motivate and inspire diverse assemblages. 
A Certified Master Practitioner [MP] in Professional Coaching,  a Life Potential Practitioner, and a Certified Life Coach with a  private client base.  She is the wife of Arthur Lee West, Jr., and  the mother of two children, Jonathan and Jocelyn and two grandchildren.  
 HER MAXIM IS:            

“Creating a culture not only within the body of Christ–Causing honor where there is dishonor.”  

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