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Church History

June 1983, Sister Cynthia Gee-Meadows was presented with an opportunity to teach a few students eager to learn the truth of God’s word. September 1983, this opportunity to teach had evolved into a regularly scheduled Bible study twice a week. In a short period of time, the Bible study grew in numbers. The fellowship began to reveal a common direction of twelve young adults, ranging in ages from nineteen to thirty-four years.

Spring of 1984, a committed Bible-based foundation was established and it remains the basis upon which the ministry continued to advance. It was with this nucleus that Sister Cynthia Gee-Meadows confirmed Walls of Salvation Christian Ministries as a church. In the following weeks, the journey of holy living was embraced and embarked upon as Sister Cynthia, as she was affectionately known and the young members became acquainted with Isaiah 60:18,

Sister Cynthia was unanimously encouraged by the members of the Bible study to become their Pastor.

On May 6, 1984, Sister Cynthia was ordained as a Pastor. Sunday evening worship services began being held at the South End Community Center, Stamford,Connecticut, with the first offering totaling $31.82. Shortly after beginning services at Cloonan Middle School on February 6, 1985, Walls of Salvation Christian Ministries was officially incorporated. October 31, 1986, the ministry made its first real estate purchase, 30 Florence St., Bridgeport, CT. On the financial end, in September 2002, in less than sixteen years, Walls of Salvation paid off the mortgage on the property at 30 Florence Street. It is this passion for continued growth and development that led Pastor Cynthia Gee-Meadows, now Pastor Cynthia Gee-West, to enlist the service of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ Executive Team of the Potters House to facilitate seminars.

In the arena of community outreach, under the leadership of Pastor Cynthia Gee-West, the ministry has taken the message of God’s love beyond the walls of the church. As early as 1990, the ministry had begun feeding the hungry every Sunday of the month. This feeding program eventually gave birth to The Healing Tree Economic Development. In 1997, The Healing Tree Economic Development became officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, which became the King’s Pantry of which Pastor West serves as the Chief Executive Officer. King’s Pantry has one of the largest on-site feeding programs in the city of Bridgeport and provides over 100,000 meals.


Every Sunday men, women and children are lined up on the sidewalk of John Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut waiting to be fed. Of great significance is that in over twenty years, King’s Pantry has only missed a week of feeding the hungry, which was the Blizzard of February 2013, when no one could get out.

May 23, 2012, Walls of Salvation, now doing business as Triumphant Christian Church, became property owners of 2540 Park Ave., Bridgeport, CT., where we continue to thrive in ministry.

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