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Administration Team:

Provides principles, practicum of effective ministry administration dealing with the clerical, operational goals, procedures, keeping track of news and events. This is the gift that enables a believer to formulate, direct, and carry out plans necessary to fulfill the purpose of our Church or a particular team.  


These are men and women that welcome members and visitors as they enter into the sanctuary, with a praying attitude, a friendly smile, a kind word and excitement that you have come. They are there to inform, assist and to make the transition in the sanctuary easier, for you. Each new member is requested to serve as a Greeter for one month.  



These team members are the door keepers and serve as ushers in the house.

Youth Choir:

Known as Perfect Praise, which are from ages 2 years to

17 years. [Older persons volunteer for support.

Church Choir:

Known as The Fire Choir, membership begins at 13 years.This choir travels with the Pastor in ministry.

Voices of Purpose:

This is the praise and worship team.


This team makes banners and seeks to bring beauty to the house as well as to special occasions.


This team commits to joyfully welcoming and serving members and those in need of any assistance, by providing accommodations that would cause events to be less eventful.

Mothers Board:

These are women that have been selected within the ministry to be set aside as teachers, encouragers, prayer warriors, soothers.

Intercessory Team:

These are individuals that are members who believe that there is a call on their life to a heavier form of prayer. These prayers vary in different areas.

Young King’s Pantry:

This is the youth sect of the King’s Pantry that helps to prepare for the  helping of others.

Hospital Ministry:

This ministry focuses on visiting those that are given long term as well as short term hospital stay.  Home visitation and follow up calls.

Incarceration Ministry:

This is a support ministry. This service provides assistance to anyone in need of legal services, prison visitations, prayer and legal information.

Ministry of Transitional Housing:

Assists parishioners in need of transitional housing in terms of networking, funds or providing lodging.

Ministry of Medical Care:

Providing services for those who require or request medical assistance.

Photography Team:

This team captures events, persons, things and history in photos.

Media Team:

This team is responsible for engineering and recording all Worship Experiences, accepting the ordering of MP3s and their quality of sound. Experience is needed or training required.

Additional ministries

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